G Liya
G Liya  
226650665, in rank since 2019
37 position
rank 321   (+12.31 per day)
vectors num. 232833 (+1810 /4 weeks)
in the top 301 — 0%

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The best

1703811154, 4908 pos.  
Light Green, Yellow vector background with Shining hearts. Beautiful colored illustration with hearts in celebration style. Pattern for carnival, festival romantic leaflets.
0 per week
1574887831, 5526 pos.  
Light BLUE vector smart blurred pattern. Abstract illustration with gradient blur design. Design for landing pages.
-458 per week
1349855558, 10140 pos.  
Light Multicolor vector layout with lines, rectangles. New abstract illustration with rectangular shapes. Pattern for websites, landing pages.
0 per week
1344794213, 10264 pos.  
Dark Green, Red vector texture with circles. Glitter abstract illustration with colorful drops. Design for posters, banners.
0 per week
1677319999, 10289 pos.  
Light Pink vector natural artwork with flowers. Gradient colorful abstract flowers on simple background. Brand new business design.
0 per week
1378923728, 10595 pos.  
Dark Red vector background with wry lines. Abstract illustration with bandy gradient lines. Pattern for websites, landing pages.
0 per week
1372825877, 10686 pos.  
Light Red vector background with circles. Colorful illustration with gradient dots in nature style. Design for posters, banners.
0 per week
1682500540, 10719 pos.  
Dark Pink, Red vector background with woman symbols. Colorful feminism symbols with a gradient in modern style. Background for International Women’s Day.
0 per week
1579467802, 10847 pos.  
Dark Green, Yellow vector layout with lines. Repeated lines on abstract background with gradient. Smart design for your promotions.
0 per week
1348303223, 10895 pos.  
Light Gray vector pattern in square style. Abstract gradient illustration with rectangles. Pattern for commercials, ads.
0 per week
1611842545, 10979 pos.  
Light Blue, Green vector backdrop with woman's power symbols. Colorful illustration with gradient feminism shapes. Elegant design for wallpapers.
0 per week
1541587226, 11011 pos.  
Light Orange vector template with lines. Bright sample with colorful bent lines, shapes. Pattern for ads, commercials.
0 per week


The sum of ranks of all top vectors of the portfolio.
Now: 321


Per day: +12.31
Per week: +34.5
Per 30 days: -38

Total amount of vectors

Updated twice a week, ie may be a minor gap.
Now: 232833


Per week: +474
Per 30 days: +2129

The number of vectors in the top

Now: 301


Per day: -5
Per week: +13
Per 30 days: -62


Coefficient of average popularity of the vectors in the portfolio.
Mathematically, it is a portfolio rank divided by the total number of the portfolio’s vectors.
Now: 0


Per day: +3.9%
Per week: +11.6%
Per 30 days: -11.4%