Rank of the vector portfolios

Data to 13.07.2021

Rating is based on the positions of the first 100 thousand pictures (top100k) of category Vectors on Shutterstock. Rating of vector (place in the top) is determined by Shutterstock. (Now the algorithm more complicated, but the principle remains the same.) Depending on the position the picture gets a rank (weight). The sum of ratings of all images in a portfolio of top100k forms the rating of the portfolio (it is divided by 100 to increase readability).

This approach gives several advantages to the portfolios with a large number of images over the portfolios that have only a few papers on the first pages. In our point of view, this is right: a diverse portfolio, based on the marketability of many works is more sustainable and stable than one with a couple of hits.

However, it should be mentioned that the positions of the images in top100k cannot be reflected only by their sales. We came to the conclusion that in the sorting top100k the age of the images and the dynamics of sales is also taking into the account. For example, recent picture with gradually increasing sales will surpass the older one, in which the number of sales is much more, but the sales gradually decrease. And, consequently, a fresh portfolio with growing sales will overtake by rating old one with well-deserved hits.

We can say that the rating conveys not only (or even mainly) the current status of sales, but the trend. Rating can be a good tool for comparative analysis of portfolios and evaluation efforts of the authors.

New hits in the top

1914601450, 3 pos.  
Business Development illustrations. Mega set. Collection of scenes with men and women taking part in business activities. Trendy vector style
+2808 per week
1918097036, 7 pos.  
Confused people think in doubt vector illustration set. Cartoon young doubting characters with worry thinking sad faces showing gestures of stress and problems, dilemma question isolated on white
+99994 per week
1977805733, 39 pos.  
Simple Set of Calendar Related Vector Line Icons. Contains such Icons as Appointment, Date Settings, Working Schedule and more. Editable Stroke. 48x48 Pixel Perfect.
+37 per week
1972503419, 77 pos.  
Art posters for the exhibition of painting, sculpture and music. Vector illustration of abstract background, roman column, greek sculpture, chess horse pattern for magazine or cover
+33 per week
1987221380, 96 pos.  
Business Concept illustrations. Mega set. Collection of scenes with men and women taking part in business activities. Vector illustration
+78 per week
1968548992, 98 pos.  
Nature and landscape. Vector illustration of trees, forest, mountains, flowers, plants, houses, fields, farms and villages. Picture for background, card or cover
+27 per week

Portfolios top by rank

168704810, in rank since 2016
1 position
rank 1232   (-11.43 per day)
vectors num. 17451 (+404 /4 weeks)
in the top 482 — 3%

Visual Generation
Visual Generation  
384598, in rank since 2009
2 position
rank 816   (-49.4 per day)
vectors num. 90212 (+128 /4 weeks)
in the top 321 — 0%

199139424, in rank since 2018
3 position
rank 573   (+7.06 per day)
vectors num. 3167 (+94 /4 weeks)
in the top 227 — 7%

1893456718, 12 pos.  
Set of happy people showing various positive emotions with gestures. Ok sign, clenched fist, thumbs up, victory fingers and hand heart. Colored flat vector illustration isolated on white background
-2 per week
1883735719, 28 pos.  
Set of children avatars. Bundle of smiling faces of boys and girls with different hairstyles, skin colors and ethnicities. Colorful flat vector illustration isolated on white background
+1 per week
1887879184, 75 pos.  
Strategic business planning abstract concept vector illustration set. Business mission, vision statement, competitive intelligence, goals and philosophy, brand success, loyalty abstract metaphor.
-3 per week
1902137050, 88 pos.  
Brain activity abstract concept vector illustration set. Thinking and imagination, problem solving, brainstorming, idea and fantasy, motivation and inspiration, find solution abstract metaphor.
0 per week
1845574294, 60 pos.  
free to fly slogan with colorful flowers in butterfly half shape illustration
-1 per week
1817169425, 135 pos.  
cool bear toy taking selfie illustration
-6 per week

Top by growth the rank per month

248373084, in rank since 2021
39 position
rank 115   (-2.93 per day)
vectors num. 5238 (+193 /4 weeks)
in the top 45 — 1%

rank: +54.5 per month
2650435, in rank since 2019
4 position
rank 503   (-8.9 per day)
vectors num. 9609 (+369 /4 weeks)
in the top 204 — 2%

rank: +37.4 per month
509452, in rank since 2018
5 position
rank 468   (-2.61 per day)
vectors num. 4864 (+151 /4 weeks)
in the top 191 — 4%

rank: +36.8 per month
1959231835, 26 pos.  
European football 2020 mega set. European football euro 2020 country flags, team groups and matches on tournament background vector set. infographic mega collection euro 2021
+1 per week
1959803614, 40 pos.  
Football championship 2020 blue background vector stock illustration. euro 2020 Abstract background soccer or football texture. Poster Championship trend Wallpaper.
+2 per week
1893802318, 184 pos.  
Log bridge between mountains above cliff in rock peaks landscape with waterfall and trees background. Beautiful scenery nature view, beam bridgework connect rocky edges, Cartoon vector illustration
+10 per week
1922621468, 434 pos.  
Summer camp at day time. Rv caravan stand at campfire with pot, tent, log, cauldron and guitar on mountain view. Summertime camping, traveling, trip, hiking activities, Cartoon vector illustration
-5036 per week
1917933518, 318 pos.  
Mother earth as environmental ecological and green planet tiny person concept. Nature biodiversity conservation as care with protection or preservation vector illustration. Ecosystem climate awareness
+5 per week
1913879416, 357 pos.  
Solving problem and difficult work teamwork assemble tiny persons concept. Effective business solution strategy and complex task cooperation as successful performance process vector illustration.
+51 per week

Top by volume of portfolio

2940841, in rank since 2015
341 position
rank 13.24   (-1407 per day)
vectors num. 1110434 (+1810 /4 weeks)
in the top 8 — 0%

173488470, in rank since 2017
195 position
rank 22.78   (-1251 per day)
vectors num. 901406 (+895 /4 weeks)
in the top 12 — 0%

4537306, in rank since 2016
113 position
rank 37.7   (-1955 per day)
vectors num. 854583 (+1275 /4 weeks)
in the top 20 — 0%

1372846559, 10242 pos.  
Light BLUE vector layout with cosmic stars. Space stars on blurred abstract background with gradient. Pattern for futuristic ad, booklets.
0 per week
1251510853, 10318 pos.  
Light Purple vector seamless backdrop with phrase LOVE YOU, hearts. Illustration with phrase LOVE YOU, hearts for valentine's day. Pattern for trendy fabric, wallpapers.
0 per week
1106690567, 10131 pos.  
Light BLUE vector hexagon mosaic texture. Colorful abstract illustration with gradient. The textured pattern can be used for background.
0 per week
1044617620, 10204 pos.  
Light Purple vector background with straight lines. Shining colored illustration with rounded stripes. The pattern can be used for websites.
0 per week
1229715232, 10103 pos.  
Green money style emblem or rosette with motivational speech icon inside
0 per week
1276687459, 10117 pos.  
Buggy on blackboard
0 per week

Top by the number added in the past month

Morphart Creation
Morphart Creation  
348289, in rank since 2009
281 position
rank 15.71   (-113 per day)
vectors num. 81453
+2369 /4 weeks
in the top 7 — 0%

875032, in rank since 2011
408 position
rank 11.16   (-721 per day)
vectors num. 567455
+2333 /4 weeks
in the top 6 — 0%

265516, in rank since 2017
343 position
rank 13.01   (-483 per day)
vectors num. 330253
+2245 /4 weeks
in the top 6 — 0%

1939754623, 2205 pos.  
Working desk, illustration, vector on white background.
0 per week
1936285825, 7104 pos.  
Cobbler, this scene shows two children doing something on paper and sitting on table, seizer on table, old man and woman looking at them, old man sits on chair and smoking, vintage line drawing
0 per week
1926716570, 5815 pos.  
group of four persons practicing activities in the park scene vector illustration design
0 per week
1929097241, 9541 pos.  
twelve kids toys set icons
0 per week
1921066352, 6597 pos.  
different vehicles, city transport, automobile service, side view cars vector illustration
0 per week
1037035966, 10297 pos.  
Isolated cursor design
0 per week