Rank of the vector portfolios

Data to 21.10.2021

Rating is based on the positions of the first 100 thousand pictures (top100k) of category Vectors on Shutterstock. Rating of vector (place in the top) is determined by Shutterstock. (Now the algorithm more complicated, but the principle remains the same.) Depending on the position the picture gets a rank (weight). The sum of ratings of all images in a portfolio of top100k forms the rating of the portfolio (it is divided by 100 to increase readability).

This approach gives several advantages to the portfolios with a large number of images over the portfolios that have only a few papers on the first pages. In our point of view, this is right: a diverse portfolio, based on the marketability of many works is more sustainable and stable than one with a couple of hits.

However, it should be mentioned that the positions of the images in top100k cannot be reflected only by their sales. We came to the conclusion that in the sorting top100k the age of the images and the dynamics of sales is also taking into the account. For example, recent picture with gradually increasing sales will surpass the older one, in which the number of sales is much more, but the sales gradually decrease. And, consequently, a fresh portfolio with growing sales will overtake by rating old one with well-deserved hits.

We can say that the rating conveys not only (or even mainly) the current status of sales, but the trend. Rating can be a good tool for comparative analysis of portfolios and evaluation efforts of the authors.

Portfolios top by rank

168704810, in rank since 2016
1 position
rank 1239   (-9.37 per day)
vectors num. 18806 (+406 /4 weeks)
in the top 481 — 3%

Visual Generation
Visual Generation  
384598, in rank since 2009
2 position
rank 751   (-6.66 per day)
vectors num. 90834 (+176 /4 weeks)
in the top 295 — 0%

199139424, in rank since 2018
3 position
rank 588   (+4.1 per day)
vectors num. 3423 (+67 /4 weeks)
in the top 233 — 7%

1988018999, 16 pos.  
Happy free people flying, floating and jumping in air. Concept of freedom, development and aspirations. Men and women moving forward. Colored flat vector illustration isolated on white background.
+1 per week
1893456718, 23 pos.  
Set of happy people showing various positive emotions with gestures. Ok sign, clenched fist, thumbs up, victory fingers and hand heart. Colored flat vector illustration isolated on white background
-1 per week
1967187829, 77 pos.  
Business support abstract concept vector illustrations.
-6 per week
2002784240, 86 pos.  
Customer experience abstract concept vector illustration set. Project delivery, beta testing, user guide, software development, new product launch, technical guide, helpdesk abstract metaphor.
-2 per week
1979769296, 105 pos.  
nice to meet you slogan with bear doll vector illustration
-4 per week
1845574294, 120 pos.  
free to fly slogan with colorful flowers in butterfly half shape illustration
-6 per week

Top by growth the rank per month

195998836, in rank since 2018
14 position
rank 211   (+7.82 per day)
vectors num. 3125 (0 /4 weeks)
in the top 79 — 3%

rank: +50.3 per month
2550367, in rank since 2014
18 position
rank 198   (+10.02 per day)
vectors num. 18372 (+204 /4 weeks)
in the top 77 — 0%

rank: +33.5 per month
Igdeeva Alena
Igdeeva Alena  
189821362, in rank since 2018
62 position
rank 60.8   (-0.1 per day)
vectors num. 3871 (+63 /4 weeks)
in the top 26 — 1%

rank: +27.04 per month
2016155363, 31 pos.  
3d cartoon style minimal yellow light bulb icon. Idea, solution, business, strategy concept.
+7 per week
1980137345, 72 pos.  
Documents icon. Stack of paper sheets. Confirmed or approved document. Business icon. 3d vector illustration.
+1 per week
2025435101, 15 pos.  
Marketing time concept, realistic 3d megaphone, loudspeaker with lightning. Vector illustration
+3 per week
1876094185, 52 pos.  
Valentine's day design. Realistic red gifts boxes. Open gift box full of decorative festive object. Holiday banner, web poster, flyer, stylish brochure, greeting card, cover. Romantic background
-3 per week
1942255135, 2816 pos.  
Matching children educational game. What do animals live?. Activity for pre sсhool years kids and toddlers. Animals and their homes.
-98 per week
2026886840, 2834 pos.  
Vector illustration daily activities routine. Cute little cartoon girl doing daily chores.
+144 per week

Top by volume of portfolio

194326, in rank since 2008
1826 position
rank 2.26   (0 per day)
vectors num. 667590 (+457 /4 weeks)
in the top 1 — 0%

875032, in rank since 2011
1278 position
rank 2.52   (0 per day)
vectors num. 571219 (+628 /4 weeks)
in the top 1 — 0%

473872, in rank since 2009
903 position
rank 4.63   (+1.88 per day)
vectors num. 547735 (+84 /4 weeks)
in the top 2 — 0%

1761108101, 8113 pos.  
Collection of vector abstract backgrounds - liquid bubble shapes on fluid gradients with shadows and light effects. Shiny design template
+66 per week
1929097241, 4180 pos.  
twelve kids toys set icons
+50 per week
1933474433, 7108 pos.  
four teachers online technology characters
0 per week
1910548114, 7303 pos.  
doctors staff wearing medical masks and laboratory icons vector illustration design
0 per week

Top by the number added in the past month

1364314, in rank since 2012
126 position
rank 34.7   (-0.11 per day)
vectors num. 323319
+1892 /4 weeks
in the top 14 — 0%

1816916, in rank since 2013
95 position
rank 46.2   (-1.54 per day)
vectors num. 77344
+1453 /4 weeks
in the top 18 — 0%

3208709, in rank since 2015
211 position
rank 20.07   (-0.03 per day)
vectors num. 80165
+1397 /4 weeks
in the top 8 — 0%

1922876423, 421 pos.  
Dotwork 3D Spheres vector background. Sand grain effect. Black noise stipple dots. Abstract noise dotwork balls. Black dots grunge round elements. Stipple circles. Dotted vector spheres.
+11 per week
1937069089, 970 pos.  
Your opinion matters symbol. Survey or feedback sign. Vector
-14 per week
1928903381, 337 pos.  
Salt realistic set of isolated icons piles of edible salt of different fracture with salt cellars vector illustration
-7 per week
1914365185, 617 pos.  
Pets growth stages set of isolated icons cartoon characters of cat and dog at different age vector illustration
-16 per week
1927353008, 1718 pos.  
Cute Red Squirrel Holding Acorn and Sitting on Tree Branch Vector Set
-13 per week
1891331734, 2565 pos.  
Cute Green Frog Smiling, Jumping, and Croaking Vector Set
-83 per week